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Kind of loving the pencil & watercolor combination right now.  



Casual evening date with graphite turned into late night impulse illustrations with watercolours.  Might spend my last couple weeks before classes making a series out of this - if the idea manages to keep my attention long enough.

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state of art

A couple drawings done while travelling to occupy some time.  I seem to have this habit of losing interest before a sketch ever feels done, so it just goes unfinished forever and ever.


july travels

Packing for Peru, for ten days of nonstop sketching and photo taking and all that other great travel stuff.  Also (kind of) putting off packing by starting to sketch in a new book, because the fresh pages are just so tempting.  Spending the last few hours in Calgary loading up on sketching inspiration and music for the plane. We’ll see what interesting creations come out at the end of the twelve+ hour travel day!